Membership Categories

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General Membership

$100 for the first year which covers 1 year membership, Collier Seniors Golf Shirt and a Name Badge

$50/year after that

Life Membership

Life Membership may be bestowed on any Member who has given a minimum of  five (5 ) years’ service as a committeeman or official or to anyone who has given outstanding service to the Club over five (5)  years.


Membership payments to:

EFT Bank Details

Collier Seniors Golf Club (INC)

BSB: 036 224

Acct #: 152868


Collier Park Seniors Golf Club adjusts the early morning hit-off time depending on the arrival of daylight. Registration commences 30 mins before golf commencement time. The comfortable Clubhouse is usually available for our Members to relax over a hot or cold refreshment whilst all of the player-groups have finished their play, and then the best performers in Grades A, B and C are rewarded with acknowledgement and a prize. The handicapper is ever ready to make adjustments to individual handicaps to ensure every playing member has a chance to share in the rewards. In addition, lucky Members share lucky number rewards based on game registration.




Effective April 2021

 Handicaps will be adjusted weekly where possible

The course rating will be as per each course

               ie.   Lake 35, Pines 36, Island 36.

A Grade will lose 0.10 for every stroke below h/cap

      B Grade will lose 0.15 for every stroke below h/cap

               C Grade will lose 0.20 for every stroke below h/cap

 0.05 will be added to your h/cap for each 9 holes

                played above regulation.

 Handicap at 10.50 = 10   

       Handicap increase .05 ie. 10.55 = 11

 Maximum score per hole is 2 above par.

                 ie. 3-5   4-6   5-7  

 A grade is 4-11

 B grade is 12-15

 C grade is 16-20

 Players who have 4 or more triple bogies

                  Ie. 3-6, 4-7, 5-8 per 9 holes, will automatically

have .05 added to their handicap