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General Membership

$100 for the first year which covers 1 year membership, Collier Seniors Golf Shirt and a Name Badge

$50/year after that

Life Membership

Life Membership may be bestowed on any Member who has given a minimum of  five (5 ) years’ service as a committeeman or official or to anyone who has given outstanding service to the Club over five (5)  years.


Collier Park Seniors Golf Club adjusts the early morning hit-off time depending on the arrival of daylight. Registration commences 30 mins before golf commencement time. The comfortable Clubhouse is usually available for our Members to relax over a hot or cold refreshment whilst all of the player-groups have finished their play, and then the best performers in Grades A, B and C are rewarded with acknowledgement and a prize. The handicapper is ever ready to make adjustments to individual handicaps to ensure every playing member has a chance to share in the rewards. In addition, lucky Members share lucky number rewards based on game registration.

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Hayman St., Como Western Australia