Cancer Research Charity Drive an outstanding success at Collier Park Seniors Golf Club

March 2021

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"We raised $1000 on the Cancer Council Charity Day. Thanks to everyone who contributed, including staff in the Pro shop and the Cafe"

Captain's message

Whats New at Collier Park Seniors Golf Club

Captains Report from April Committee Meeting

Captain’s Report

April 2021


The booking system has been operating for nearly six weeks and is functioning reasonably well. Some members don’t check their emails as often as others and there will always be some members who make a last minute decision not to attend on a particular day, due to the weather or to feeling unwell. The system accommodates these minor fluctuations and I have had no complaints from the management about our bookings.


We have had a little to complain about to the management, however, particularly with respect to the condition of the greens on the day of the Bridging the Gap competition, especially considering the fact that we were charged a levy for that day. Our only choice is to accept these things, however and the day was still enormously successful. My congratulations to all the prize-winners and my personal thanks to all those who made it run so smoothly – Sue, Vaughan, Rene, Brian Russell, Len Gilbert and Ken. This will hopefully continue to be a highlight of our golfing year.


As always, I would like to thank everyone who does the morning registrations and those who help with the post-game operations. This is where the real work of keeping the club functioning smoothly takes place, and without these people, we would not be able to enjoy our golf as much as I know we all do.

John Eaton

12th April 2021


The QR code

We currently need to register with a QR code for contact tracing purposes. The easiest way to do this is with the SafeWA App (if you don’t know how to download and set this up, ask a 4 year old grandchild… they’ll have you set up in a matter of minutes .. haha).


There is also the option to sign on a form if you don’t have the app OR you can organise someone else to sign you in on their app. 


We continue to support Cancer Australia through the generosity of all our members.