The QR code

We currently need to register with a QR code for contact tracing purposes. The easiest way to do this is with the SafeWA App (if you don’t know how to download and set this up, ask a 4 year old grandchild… they’ll have you set up in a matter of minutes .. haha).


There is also the option to sign on a form if you don’t have the app OR you can organise someone else to sign you in on their app. 

President's Message

Whats New at Collier Park Seniors Golf Club

Presidents report - Thursday 9th Dec. 2021


  • I want to express my appreciation to everyone for making the Clark-Simmons, Sundowner and Point Walter events such resounding successes. The level of support and enthusiastic feedback should give us lots of confidence to continue these events and to continue to introduce innovations.

  • This month I attended another meeting about aquatic centre ‘development’. The leaders of the ratepayers group have had meetings with the Mayor and with other proponents of the project, trying their best to get specific information about the details of the business plan and trying to point out the flaws in the project’s concept. All to no avail. The proponents are determined to push ahead and are even seeking private funding of the project, if no government funding is available. They do not intend giving up in a hurry. But there is no reason to believe that they will be successful in getting the necessary funding, and it is far from decided whether or not the project will proceed. The managers of Collier seem to be all in favour of it proceeding and we might see the recent moves such as taking over management of the Café and introducing a ‘short course’ form of the game as being preparatory initiatives.