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Whats New at Collier Park Seniors Golf Club

President's Report from September Committee Meeting

The past month has been a little less wintery, but poor weather conditions have continued to have some impact on playing numbers. The warmer days have seen a return to much healthier numbers, with 37 players turning up last Monday.


Since the last meeting, we finally managed to sort out the bank signatory situation and we are now fully functional with the bank after an extended meeting between a representative from the bank, Vaughan, Col and myself. The process should be much easier next time.
For future reference it is worth noting that new and old signatories must attend, and must take a copy of the constitution and the minutes from the AGM.


We are happy to welcome Evelyn Robertson along as a new member of the club.
It is great to see the gradual increase in the number of lady members.
It has also been great to see the return of some of our regular players, John Pyne, Ian Henderson and Phillip Rebello, who have been absent for some time for a variety of reasons.


I’m really happy with the way the club is running with the assistance of so many people who have stepped up to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Special thanks to Peter Trend for taking on the email registration system and after-game procedures during my two week absence.
Thanks to everyone else on the committee who has shown great energy and enthusiasm in running the club since the last AGM.

John Eaton

23rd September 2021


The QR code

We currently need to register with a QR code for contact tracing purposes. The easiest way to do this is with the SafeWA App (if you don’t know how to download and set this up, ask a 4 year old grandchild… they’ll have you set up in a matter of minutes .. haha).


There is also the option to sign on a form if you don’t have the app OR you can organise someone else to sign you in on their app.