Major Golfing Events

Summer Cup

A and B Division. Stroke Play by hole after handicap.

Feb / March 2022

Bridging the Gap

March / April 2022

Collier Park Seniors Golf Club Members play Ambrose with the Como Secondary Golf Academy

Spring Cup

A Division/B Division Stroke by hole after handicap.

Sept / Oct

Como Cup (Shield)

Collier Park Seniors/Como Secondary College Golf Academy. 4BBB Stableford.


Charity Day

$5 donation member contribution -matched by club funds.

November 2022

Grade & Club Championships

Each Stroke and Stroke Putts game contributes to the Club Championship, Grade Championship and Best Putters by Grade.

January – November games during Trophy week.

Spring and Summer Cups

  • These Modified Match Play matches are played in parallel with the normal schedule and participants take part in both their match play competition and in the daily scheduled competition. 

  • A player’s handicap at the beginning of the Match Play competition will remain frozen for all match play matches until elimination.

  • Handicaps for parallel events will be subject to usual handicap variations (This means a player may be using two separate handicaps on the one day – one for their match play game, and one for the parallel competition.)

  • Matches should be played on the scheduled dates.

  • If it is inconvenient to play your match on the scheduled date, then, with the consent of the Captain or Handicapper, the match can be rescheduled to an agreed date before the commencement of the next round.

  • Prior to the match, players must agree the holes on which strokes are given. A player on 14 playing a player on 10 must receive a stroke on each of the 4 hardest holes as indicated by the index for that course.

  • Matches are played by hole. A hole is won, halved or lost. The player with the lowest net score wins the hole. The match is won when a player leads by more holes than are left to play.

  • In the event of a tied match, the winner will be decided by a countback, using the last 6 holes. If this does not determine the winner, the last 3 holes will be used. If this does not determine the winner, the winner of the last hole will be declared the winner of the match.